What is the inner child?

The term “inner child” doesn’t refer to the part of your brain that is reserved for having childish thoughts! Rather, the inner child exists as the childlike aspect within your unconscious mind.

You might see this inner child as a direct representation of yourself in…

There is no easy way to say this. Still, if you’re feeling miserable ALL the time about yourself because of something that your significant other, said or did, or you’ve repeatedly experienced unpleasant occurrences thanks to them, then you’re most definitely in a toxic relationship. …

Dealing with co-parenting, especially in the initial phases of a breakup, can be extremely daunting.

We’ve all heard of The Great Indian Wedding. It’s the Disneyland where any Indian aunty worth her salt would get a chance to live her ultimate moment of glory — bagging a suitable rishta for her beta, beti, bhanja, bhanji, and other such bakras or rishtedaars.

But for all the…

Jyotsna Ahuja Kapoor

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